Motorsport is in Morgan’s DNA. From the early three wheeler days Morgans have always competed in motorsports. This is true in Australia where members of the Morgan Owners’ Club of Australia have been involved in a variety of motor sports from the very earliest days of the Club, including racing, supersprints (lap-dash), hill climbs, rallies and gymkanas. Below are some photos of Australian Morgans in competition.

To foster participation in motor sport, the club has several trophies which are enthusiastically competed for on an annual basis. They include the Annual Competition Trophy, The Carolyn Scott Memorial Trophy for Novice Drivers and the John Thompson Trophy. Information on all our competition and social trophies is contained in our Club Rules.

The Morgan Owners Club Supersprint

MOCA is affiliated with Motorsport Australia and is a foundation member of the Combined Sports Car Association (CSCA) which promotes speed events such as hillclimbs, lap dashes and sprints through its seven member clubs, mostly similar British sports cars.

As a part of its membership of the CSCA, MOCA hosts a round of the championship each year and the Club is justly proud for its ability to run the entire event without the need of any outside assistance. Members assist with scrutineering, flag marshals, race control and the myriad of organising that is required to run a speed event with over 100 competitors.

This is one of the highlights of the Morgan year and is conducted at Sydney Motorsport Park, usually in August. Our ability to host this day is only made possible by our members who enthusiastically volunteer their time to be officials.