Members' Stories

There are many paths which lead to Morgan ownership. Some of our members have Morgans which they bought new in the ’50s, others yearned for a Morgan for years before they were able to afford one, others have spent years rebuilding a car while others have come to ownership more recently buying a used Morgan or even a new one.

Below are links to fascinating tales of Morgan ownership as told by some of our members.

Bill Hucker - On a Sunday Drive
Bob Little - The Controllable Passion
John Hurst - Once Bitten by the MogBug Life is Never Again Normal
Geoff Smedly - An Early Infection to the MogBug
Judy Mitchell - A Tale of a 1951 Morgan 4/4
John Wroe - Ongoing Affair with the Automobile
Vern Dale-Johnson - Morgan Biography
Brian Tomalin - A Plus 4 Experience
Graham Richards - Talk About Cars