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Historic/Classic Vehicle Registration

MOCA is an approved club to participate in the Historic and Classic Registration schemes in NSW, SA and WA.


In NSW the scheme is called Conditional Registration.  There is a Historic scheme for unmodified vehicles and a Classic scheme for modified vehicles.  Details are available as follows.


Council of Motor Clubs NSW


In SA, the scheme is called Historic, left-hand drive and street rod vehicle registration.  Details are available as follows

SA Transport

There is a code of practice

Application forms and fact sheets


In WA, the scheme is called Concessional Registration. 

The details are available from

The scheme for Historic vehicles which are not modified is called Code 404, and provides for Veteran, vintage, post vintage or invitational vehicle concessions

There is a FAQ document at

The Code of Practice is available from the Council of Motor Clubs of WA at

The scheme for Classic or modified vehicles is called Concessions for Classics or C4C.

There is a FAQ document at

There is a Code of Conduct

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Importing Morgans

Those considering importing a Morgan to Australia should check both the Federal rules on importing a vehicle plus the registration requirements for the state where the car will be kept as these do vary from state to state.

Australian Customs Service – ACS: Importing a motor vehicle

Morgan Parts/Dealers/Suppliers

Chris van Wyk – Morgan Cars Australia

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Wolf Performance UK

Morgan Motors of New England



Combined Sports Car Association (CSCA)

Motorsport Australia