• Project Cars. Morgan +8 in average to very average condition, but all models considered. Please get in contact:Lach, 0417621234 morganman777@gmail.com
  • Seeking a Moss box +8. Preferably largely original , Aus delivery, in sound condition for a regular drive car. Lester 0408 518624, lestercvs@yahoo.com.au.


  • Seeking a 1970s 4/4 2 seater. Preferably largely original, Aus Delivery. Consider any condition ,  for a project. lester 0408518624 lestercvs@yahoo.com.au
  • I have always wanted to own a Morgan. I am now looking for any model built between 1995 and 2010 road registered, good condition located NSW can consider East coast Aust. Peter par909@icloud.com
  • I am seeking a modern 3 wheeler as a 70th birthday present. I could buy new but there is quite a delay in obtaining so am hoping someone may have something available now. Please contact  mjones1950nz@gmail.com


  • I’m wanting to purchase a current model Morgan 3 wheeler, Australian complianced. Anthony. usfellas@hotmail.com . 0402055506 . Placed 4/20
  • I’m looking for a  vintage three wheeler aero for sale. Atsu. Sydney. 0412 170811. Placed 4/20
  • I’m looking for a Morgan 3 wheeler in any condition. The rougher the better actually, as I don’t have a lot of money but do have some skills and a bit of creativity. Someones unfinished / unstarted project. I’m in Wollongong and you can reach me, Scott Barrington on 0457173766 or scottyb69@hotmail.com   .  10/19


  • I am looking to purchase a 2 seater 4 cylinder Kent engined 5 speed gearbox Morgan. It must be in good to excellent condition.I live in Caloundra QLD and I am willing to travel for the right vehicle. Contact details-Email-  contactpetercarr@gmail.com . Mobile- 0413 630 776. Placed October 2019


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