Weekday Run to Picton 2014

Vern Dale-Johnson

The Sydney area has been enjoying late summer weather for the past few weeks but with ‘winter’ approaching we were a bit concerned the run to Picton would be in cool, if not cold weather.  The weather held and we greeted another gorgeous fall day for the run.

Geoff & Stephanie were gathering the group in Liverpool for the run to Narellan, while Vern & Amanda were doing the same in Heathcote for the run to Narellan where both groups would then take a loop to Picton via Cobbitty Road et al to the The Oaks, then on to Oakdale to pick up Barkers Lodge Road for the run into Picton.  

The Liverpool group encountered roadwork en route to Narellan delaying them a bit so the Heathcote group decided to lead the way to Picton.  Unfortunately several of the Liverpool group missed the instructions to take the Northern Road towards Oran Park where they would find the route through Cobbitty et al.  Our apologies to those who may have missed the scenic route.

About 12:30~12:45 we had 16 Morgans arriving at the George IV and 27 MOCA members and guests including John Merton from Canberra, Bob Bailey, and Graham & Gwen Balfe from Bowral.  Ken & Marie Sadler who live near the DJ’s in Cronulla were out again in their Anniversary +8, while Tom McKeever, another Shire resident attended while wife Dianne was playing home nurse to a friend in New Zealand.  Other regulars were the Southwell, Lippold, D & R Jones, G & C-L Williams, Chatfield, and Scott teams with individual attendance from Sharyn Yeshouroun, Peter Canavan, Bob Little, and David Fletcher (alone as Jenny was at the hospital supporting their daughter as she had gone into labour the previous evening).

By 2:30 we had had enough chat and the group took their chosen routes home.  Amanda & I arrived in Cronulla to a bit of drizzle… the long expected southerly had arrived.

Thanks to all those who attended for supporting the run.