Frequently Asked Questions


Visit the MOCA website Select For Members and log in with your email address and password. Select My Member Profile / Renew to 1 Sept (next year) and follow instructions.

The Membership Secretary can create an invoice and email it to you. You can then pay the invoice. Contact membership secretary here

To pay with your PayPal account, log in to . Select My Member Profile / Renew to 1 Sept (next year) and follow instructions.

You can pay by Credit Card through PayPal without having a PayPal account.

On invoice select View Invoice Online, select Pay Online.

On invoice select Pay Online, select Pay with a Card. Complete details required. Select No, I don’t want an account now, confirm age and select Continue.

You will receive an email confirming the renewal.

On receipt of your application and payment it will be presented to the next Club General Meeting for approval. The Membership Secretary will confirm your membership when it is approved.

The Membership Secretary will confirm your application when your payment is received by the Club.

The privacy policy is here.

Payment received online via PayPal or credit card via PayPal is linked to the membership system and your membership is updated instantly.

You may pay via EFT. To enable MOCA to link your payment to your membership please email receipt to


Check your Spam folder. If there are no emails from MOCA, please contact to find out if any emails have been sent.

First, check your Spam folder.
If your internet provider is Telstra and Bigpond the Spam settings may be too sensitive. Suggested way to release your emails:
Log in to Bigpond Webmail, go to Settings (RHS of window).
On LHS, Settings bar has choices for Profile, Time Zone etc.
Launch Mail
Go to “Safe Senders”, add emails you wish to mark as “Safe” and Logout.


The photos in the Car Directory are drawn from the club’s Wild Apricot membership management system and are limited to only 110 x 110 pixels. If you select an entry in the Car Directory or Members Directory you may find the member has included full size photos in a photo album (scroll to bottom of profile to view).

 You can add full size photos by selecting My Member Profile and then selecting Member Photo Albums.

The information in the three members area pages, i.e. Car Directory, Members Directory and My Member Profile is drawn directly from the club’s Wild Apricot membership management system and is updated in real time. This means if you make changes to your member profile those changes will immediately appear on the website.

There is no limit to the number of times you can edit details. Simply login to My Member Profile and make the changes you require.

Because Wild Apricot uses cookies, Safari prevents Wild Apricot from functioning properly. You will need to make sure that both cookies and cross-site tracking are enabled.

  • To enable cookies, you will need to open their Safari settings and go to Preferences > Security, and set Accept Cookies to Always
  • To enable cross-site tracking, you will need to click Preferences > Privacyand uncheck Prevent cross-site tracking.

For our website to link with the Wild Apricot database you need to have cookies enabled on your browser. Please check your browser settings.